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individually unique together...

the BOOK

Put in the simplest of terms, we, each of us, have a very personalised untapped business resource at our fingertips, each other, famillies and friends.

This is an unashamedly high end business, not social, networking environment and neither is it an impersonal yellow pages type site at which people in business can simply exchange contact information or seek employment.

Serious business is not about faceless corporations - it is actually about people, how you reach them swiftly and their communal knowledge and assistance in an "old school" business manner. In short, business alchemy.

alchemy pronunciation: /ˈalkɪmi/

...convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir...magical process of transformation, creation, or combination: finding the people who fit the team requires a very subtle alchemy.

In essence, the BOOK will give you access to the people you will likely want to engage with in the first instance who have a commonality with you.

the BOOK members will have the entrepreneurial spirit or management aptitude to excel in their chosen business sectors, they come from all walks of life and may have been educated at fine schools, colleges and universities around the globe. Whichever way we arrive, statistically, we will hold the most influential positions in the business communities around the world.

Collectively, we have the greatest potential business networking solution within our grasp.

the Book also offers, and can procure as necessary, additional Crisis Management services for individuals, families and corporations. 

Read more about SOS

Additionally, the BOOK offers charities and other good causes the ability to publicise and engage with business communities concerning fundraising events on an unrestricted area of the site that has a potential global reach. the BOOK is also happy to assist in trying to acquire/source corporate sponsors for events and fundraisers.


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