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Brokerage services the book & members smart partnerships

On occasion members of The Book may wish to enlist our help in brokering a deal either with other members or with third parties or helping them find, for example, funding. There are a number of possible reasons for this. It may be a case of wishing to retain anonymity for a period of time until the member feels comfortable to disclose their identity to the prospective counter-party to the transaction. Similarly, it may be a case of not wishing to disclose identities of one or both parties to prospective financiers until such time as the parties feel a prospective deal is worth progressing, or simply a desire to have someone on your side to help you along the path. Many people have fantastic talent in their chosen sphere but little understanding of financial mechanics and the shark pool and bear trap tactics that some adopt.

The founder of The Book spent over 22 years in the City of London as a lawyer working for and against all manner of businesses and organisations from entrepreneurs to inventors, to investors to bankers, to global newspapers, to sports, film stars and TV companies, to charities to Oligarchs, to the Secret Services to the Government, to Crisis Management and dealing with covert filming documentaries and the world press. The list is endless and the pros, cons and pitfalls and benefits of taking a step one way or the other have all been seen before, measured, dissected and learned from. The founder regularly lectured the likes of CEO's and heads of legal departments on brand and reputation management. 


To the extent we cannot assist alone, the network of professional support we can draw upon from around the world - forensic accountants, valuers, lawyers, PR consultants, media trainers, investigation services, private emergency travel services, expert witnesses, immigration issues, computer issues such as hacking or its prevention, website building and protection et al is vast.  

The Book team will never take instructions from more than one party on any transaction or crisis unless expressly written consent is given to us to the contrary by the member that retains us.

Proper and successful business is not conducted on the basis of conflicts of interest.

Clearly this service will be chargeable. The cost will depend on the complexity of the work, it's duration and any member subscribing to this service will be directly responsible for third party fees and related costs in addition to those of The Book team. All fees and incidental costs / budgets would be clear and agreed in writing between the member and The Book before any work is undertaken so everyone is clear and happy knowing where they stand from the outset.

If you wish to discuss this service please contact broker(at)