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Crisis Rescue


prevention and management

Individuals, families and companies can encounter reputational, legal, commercial and personal risks on a daily basis.

A crisis is not usually the event itself but how one is perceived after the event and we have significant expertise in reducing the impact of a problem and turning a story around.  

The management of The Book has a high level of experience assisting families, companies, businesses and celebrities. We have dealt with issues such as undercover television intrusions, internet/computer hacking and the invasion of privacy by global newspapers to name but a few.

To combat an actual or potential crisis we can set up tried and tested response programs and minimisation processes with industry experts including, as required, lawyers, investigators, public relations specialists, press contacts, pressure groups, industry spokespeople, accountants and so forth as needed.

We are able to draw from an array of world class trusted professionals including ex-journalists, ex-news presenters and professional trainers for the purposes of coaching and preparing an individual or team for TV, press or radio interviews. We can also appoint spokespeople to disseminate information on behalf of clients.

The protection of personal and business reputations is vital to the success of every individual, their families and their organisations. 
Our consulting and response service helps our clients to protect their reputations in today’s complex, competitive and often hostile business and personal environments.

We identify and assess the key risks on a case by case basis for each individual client as required  and formulate agreed strategic risk management policies and strategies.

Our security and client management policies are designed to provide safety and a reduction in risk, without compromising the smooth running of family life, an organisation or the daily routine of a client, offering you immediate assistance by preventing and responding to physical or reputational threats.

Asset Tracing & Recovery

An increasing number of people and companies globally are now becoming victims of many types of attack, including theft and fraud, such as electronic accounting and banking systems fraud, or identity theft and other schemes.

The perpetrators increasingly use sophisticated means to conceal their methods, their location and source of misappropriated assets, such as cash, shares, jewellery, cars and yachts, jets, property and so forth.

Our outstanding reputation in this area is based on success on a significant number of assignments over the years. This continues today with a much greater emphasis on electronic detection and analysis tools to reflect the underlying nature of much of the evidence and, additionally, we have many of the best contacts in all of the necessary industries.

Our asset tracing and recovery capability has vast experience in working with legal, investigation and forensic professionals to locate, identify, freeze and recover misappropriated assets. Our capability is drawn from internal and external expertise that is expert at tracing an event path from its origin through to destination to achieve the desired result for a client.

The Book can also, subject to any conflicts, source UK trained Government and Immigration Specialists to assist with emergency global repatriation, liaison with Government officials and Diplomatic issues. We can also assist with: