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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use of the (“The Site”) and services and the corresponding service(s) provided if any and at its sole discretion in relation thereto provided by Smallplanet SA (“Smallplanet”) registered company number 1619432 BVI and any affiliated entities, officers or agents thereof in connection therewith. 

1. All Members (as defined below) of the Site, accept these Terms of Use by engaging in any manner with The Site.

2. By accessing The Site each Member acknowledges that it has read these Terms of Use, and that they agree to abide by them unreservedly; these Terms of Use consequently constitute a contractual agreement between each Member and The Site.

3. These  Terms of Use, as may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of Smallplanet SA or The Site as the case may require, (hereinafter, the “Terms of Use”) govern relations as set out below and shall apply equally to any Member or user of The Site, advertiser or other third party, collectively hereinafter (“Member”).

The basics

4. The Site uses an Internet platform accessible through available technologies at the The Site current address or such other address(s) as The Site deems appropriate in its sole discretion allowing Members to create communicate and publish on line, under  conditions, their professional profiles, advertisements (subject to the prior written agreement of The Site in the case of advertisements), specifically to develop their professional network, find professional opportunities, exchange ideas, conduct business, advertise in a manner permitted by The Site.

5. To this end, The Site offers without guarantee of service in respect of which The Site disclaims all and any cost, liability or damage of any nature save for anything expressly required by applicable law, and Advertisers a certain number of functionalities, dedicated solely to the development of his/her network and his/her professional or charitable activity (hereinafter, the “Service”).

6. Should a Member fail to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in these Terms of Use he/she/it may be banned from access to the Site without liability to The Site and/or Smallplanet and agrees to fully indemnify Smallplanet and/or The Site as the case may be for any and all losses including loss of profit, costs, liabilities, damages or fines incurred arising from such breach(s).

Registration to the Service and usage

7. To become a Member, an applicant must have reached the legal age of eighteen and have the capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement. Each Member must also be legally authorised in any subject jurisdiction in which the Member operates in the Member’s field(s) of business. 

Considering the nature of the Site and Service, he/she/it  must also be acting  professionally, for the purposes of his/her/its professional or charitable activities, and commit to use the Site and Service solely for his/her/its professional or proper charitable and good causes purposes. This is a vital and material condition of the Terms of Use. Advertising, beyond profile information and contact details, is banned without the prior written consent of The Site. Any unauthorised posts of advertisements will be removed and the Member responsible for the posting, including any other person or entity conspiring to circumvent this condition accepts that he/ she/it may be liable for breach(s).

8. To be able to use The Site Members must first register by competing the Registration Form, accessible on- line at The Site.. By completing this Form, the Member acknowledges having read these Terms of Use and accepts abiding by them unreservedly. Advertisers will be provided with a separate means of access to the Site to be agreed with The Site.

9. By completing the Registration Form or applying to advertise formally, the Member warrants  to Smallplanet SA he/she/it has provided exact, truthful, current and complete information concerning his/her/its identity professional activity and professional data. He/she/it specifically commits to provide an effective electronic address he/she/it owns. The Member commits to update all information concerning him/her/it regularly in his/her/it's profile, to preserve its accuracy in his/her/its own interest and that of The Site. Edits can be effected by clicking on the “Edit” link accessible in the various sections of his/her/it's profile, including data concerning his/her/its registration data, through the “My Account” section accessible from his/her/its profile.  Under no circumstance shall The Site and/or Smallplanet  be held liable by or to Members, for any error, omission, or inaccuracy which may arise in the information provided by a Member. 

10. If he/she/it is not acting on his/her/its own behalf, he/she/it warrants he/she/it is acting on behalf of a legal  person who meets the terms herein, whom he/she/it legally represents or from whom he/she/it has been granted an explicit mandate to enter into an agreement with The Site and/or Smallplanet, and who or which has allowed him/her/it to provide the information required to use The Site and enter into contractual relations with The Site and/or Smallplanet, under the conditions defined herein. 

11. The Site/Smallplanet  may verify information provided to the Site. Any costs incurred in verification showing any misleading information having been provided to The Site shall be at the expense of such partie(s) involved on an indemnity basis. 

12. Should a Member violate applicable laws or these Terms of Use or should his/her/its conduct harm a person’s interests or those of The Site and/or Smallplanet , howsoever this may be, or improperly prejudice another Member of The Site and/or Smallplanet  The Site and/or Smallplanet both reserve the right to suspend or terminate the contract any Member account, without prior notice and without liability.

13. To permit purposeful usage of The Site and in accordance with the purpose of The Site Members grant Smallplanet SA and/or Smallplanet a non-exclusive license to use the contents and data they submit and/or place on The Site. 

14 The Member, guarantees and warrants to The Site and/or Smallplanet such data, information or contents comply with all applicable  laws and do not violate the rights of others. 

15. By publishing his/her/its data, information and/or contents on the Site, each Member consents to its display and availability to other Members, non Member advertisers or third parties, and each Member allows others to consult his/her/its content and data thus made available through his/her/ its profile and to use it to facilitate business contact and promotion.

16. The Site and/or Smallplanet is allowed to reproduce all or part of the contents provided by Members on any digital registration support, current or future, and specifically including, but not limited to, on any server, hard drive, whether removable or not, memory card, or any other equivalent support, in any format and using any process, whether currently known and unknown, so far as proves necessary for all storage, back-up, transmission or downloading operation entailed in The Site operation. 

17. The Site and/or Smallplanet is allowed to adapt and translate any content on The Site contents, as well as to reproduce these adaptations and translations on any digital support, current or future, in order to provide the Service.

18. Smallplanet is allowed to format any of the Site’s contents.

19. The purpose of clauses 17 and 18 is to allow Smallplanet to distribute contents and data over digital networks and through any communication protocol.

20. This license is granted to The Site/Smallplanet the world wide.  

Member account,  password and security

21. Each Member may only create/maintain one account for his/her/its profile subject to the prior written consent of The Site and/or Smallplanet.

Each Member may receive, as part of the registration process, at the electronic address provided by him/her/its at the time of his/her registration, an e-mail for the purpose of activating his/her/its account. In this case, The Site will only be fully accessible once the Member has fully completed the activation process indicated in said e-mail indicating approval. 

22. The login and password chosen by the Member at the time of the approved registration allows access to The Site. This data is confidential save that disclosure may be given under legal compulsion imposed on The Site and/or Smallplanet by a competent authority. 

23. The Member is solely liable for any use which might be made of his/her/its login and password, and the sole guarantor of their confidentiality and of any use made of his/her/its account save as set out in paragraph [16] above. 

24. The Member shall inform The Site in writing immediately by email of any unauthorised use of his/her/its account, and of any breach of the confidentiality and security of his/her/its identification means. 

25. Should The Site and/or Smallplanet have any reason to believe that The Site security has been violated or that it is being used improperly due to an unauthorised use of a Member's identification means or otherwise, it may suspend accounts to preserve the integrity of The Site and should it deem appropriate require the modification of said identification means or any other remedial action. 

26. Whilst The Site and/or Smallplanet will endeavour to protect The Site given the ability of what are commonly known as hackers cannot expressly undertake that all information can always be protected and no liability is accepted for cyber or the like attacks. It is suggested that Members ensure their services are protected. 

No fault account deactivation

27. the Site and/or Smallplanet reserve the right to deactivate the account of a Member after a period of total inactivity of said account equal to or greater than six (6) months. However, the Member may reactivate his/her/its account within thirty (30) days of said suspension upon request and approval. 

28. In the event of a Member’s death, and upon production to the satisfaction of The Site and/or Smallplanet of the applicable support documents, the account will be deactivated. Its contents shall only be forwarded to the Member’s beneficiaries following a court ruling. 

Site content 

29. Members shall refrain from downloading more than 200 pages (or 200 “GET”) from the Site in any continuous 24 hour period without prior written authorisation from The Site and/or Smallplanet and shall not: 

a)  Use a robot software or any equivalent automated process or tool when browsing the Site

b)  Distribute information or contents which is not honest, accurate and truthful; 

c) Distribute data, information or contents of a slanderous, insulting, obscene, sexual, offending, violent character or violence-inciting nature, or of a racist or xenophobic nature, and generally, any contents which might be contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or social mores or to public decency; 

d) Distribute data, information or contents intended to reduce, disorganise or hinder the normal use of The Site or interrupt and/or slow down the normal flow of communications between Members or The Site; 

e) Use the Service for mass-mailings of unsolicited messages (advertising or other); 

f) Collect and or offer for reward information regarding The Site and/or Smallplanet or Members including electronic addresses, to be used to send commercial or equivalent solicitations, or to be integrated within a referencing or equivalent service, whether free or for payment, or to be used in the conduct of a competition watch or the like; 

g) Do anything that may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of others and all Members.

30. Members shall report forthwith to The Site by email any behaviour or content on the Site, which is evidently contrary to the aforementioned rules, describing it and its location on the Site, as specifically as possible

Privacy and  data 

31. Smallplanet does not seek personal data from Members, Advertisers or third parties but only business data. Business data will be stored on servers outside of the United Kingdom. All Site users are expressly required not to provide data that they regard as personal data.  In the event that a Member posts any personal data inadvertently they are required to remove it.

32. The Site uses “cookie” technology. Cookies are used  to facilitate the personalisation of the Member’s usage and convenience.  Specifically, The Site contains a connection cookie allowing Members who so wish to access the Site repeatedly without having to identify themselves each time. To do so, the Member must tick the checkbox corresponding to “Keep me logged in”, found in the “Log in” window. 

33 The Site and/or Smallplanet disclaim all responsibility for the ever changing nature of cookie technology and its potential uses. 

34 The Site keeps track, through these cookies, of connections to the Site, and specifically of their origin to assist both Members and The Site. 

Intellectual Property 

35. Smallplanet owns The Site, both its technical components and its graphic, textual or other components and contents, subject to the sole reservation of the contents provided by the Members by written agreement upon which a release to the Member will be considered. The Site and the provided software and databases are designed and developed by Smallplanet, which belong to it, or over which it holds intellectual property rights. 

Duration and Termination 


36. The term of a Member’s membership is at the sole discretion of The Site and/or Smallplanet subject to any paying Member under separate written contract for payment as to which agreed rights will be respected. 


37. The Site and/or Smallplanet may ipso facto suspend access to The Site in the event of an attack upon The Site which, in their sole opinion, may cause serious compromise to The Site and/or Smallplanet or any Member. 

38. The Member may terminate membership at any time in writing to The Site but such termination shall not release the Member from any existing payment obligations to The Site and/or Smallplanet whether accrued or due in the future. Pursuant to a deletion request the relevant account will be deleted from The Site database. 


Member,  Advertiser and Third party liability 

39. The Member shall bear all costs relating to the hardware and software needed to access The Site from the Member’s entry route up to reaching such servers and associated IT of The Site and/or Smallplanet.  It is the Member’s responsibility to take all suitable precautions to protect his/her/its own data, computer systems and/or software from any contamination by malware, root kits, viruses or other items which may damage The Site and/or Smallplanet’s systems.

40. The Member acknowledges that The Site and/or Smallplanet exercise no preliminary check of the contents and data and that they are under no obligation to monitor the data and contents posted by Members and distributed over the Site. 

41. The Member shall bear sole liability, with respect to The Site and/or Smallplanet and, if applicable, to any other party, for any costs, fines or damages, whether direct or indirect, of any kind whatsoever, caused by any information or any other element of contents communicated, transmitted or distributed by the Member while using The Site, as well as by any breach of these Terms of Use. 

42. The Member irrevocably agrees to submit to British Virgin Islands law which governs these Terms of Use and to the Courts of the British Virgin Islands at the sole discretion of The Site and/Smallplanet in the event of a dispute between The Site and/or Smallplanet. The Member may not bring any proceedings outside of the British Virgin Islands without prior agreement. 

The Site and Smallplanet liability and governing law and jurisdiction

43. To the extent allowed by applicable laws, and to the extent that The Site and/or Smallplanet may be deemed liable for any losses listed or not listed herein, whether the damage be direct or consequential, each Member agrees that The Site and or Smallplanet  liability shall be limited to specific, actual proven and defined damages out of a single or connected claim not exceeding $50,000 (fifty thousand United States dollars).